Monday, January 25, 2016

My son tried a candy cane today

I've contemplated for more than a month on the best way to communicate our journey as a family to all of our loved ones, extended family, and friends.. Here we go!

Rhett tried a candy cane today! It doesn't seem like much right? After two older children this should be a walk in the park for my wife and I...but it's not. This is a major milestone to us. Our youngest son hasn't had the major milestones many other parents have experienced (ourselves included with Noah and Levi). He doesn't sit, he doesn't pull up, or stand or crawl nor is he on path to walk.. Yet. So today we applaud the things others don't often remember, in the prayer that soon we will share his abilities with our family. As for when, we pray it will come daily. So many of you, our closest friends and family, have offered guidance and help as well as requested updates.. Today our updates haven't begun to come in, but I can confidently tell you Rhett loves candy canes as much as his older brothers!

For those of you who haven't learned, Rhett is a little behind where he should be. He has missed a few milestones and we have begun the journey as a family to help get him caught up. We have met with several individuals who know how to make his happen and soon we will meet with doctors, neurologists, and of course our beloved therapist Penny who is confident she will help our son. Through this we have made decisions to make life somewhat easier for all of our boys.

Not knowing how our schedule may change nor the consistency in which change will remain, our oldest son Noah will enjoy his last day in preschool on Friday.. Believe it or not, he is happy about being home with Levi and Rhett everyday and he has much work to do from a home school perspective! We met with his teacher today and we all are confident this decision will benefit our family.

Don't drink that water!! Levi is attempting to indulge himself on the bathtub water. He seems to go with the flow and is in his usual climb on everything, get into everything, where's my "Bubba" self.

While everyone is celebrating major milestones in life, join me in my excitement, my son tried a candy cane today!


  1. Thinking of y'all in such a difficult time!! And yes please share and let us all praise the milestones!! Candy Canes are a milestone! Who ever labeled what should and shouldn't be important things to remeber anyway? Today we celebrate a candy cane!! :)

  2. Thank you so much! (: an orange Mickey Mouse club house candy cane.

  3. Thank you very much, each day is an adventure.