Monday, February 1, 2016

Somewhere around 1:00am our day began.. Not like an "oh I'm fully awake lets rule the world today" began, but a "why is my baby screaming uncontrollably" began.. Perhaps I need to back up for a quick moment.

Last night our day ended fighting first with Levi, then Levi + Noah, then Levi again to sleep. Man if I would've gotten the memo that by this point in the game I wouldn't be sleeping all night through I think I would've.. Actually probably not, sleep or no sleep, our world revolves around these boys.

Fast forward - by the 4th or maybe the 5th time Rhett woke up it was safe to say we needed to visit the doctor. And we both needed somewhere to sleep for at least one hour uninterrupted. So, I ran off to work like my usual Monday, into a mess of busyness that didn't leave me walking through the door until after 7:00pm, quite a bit of time without sleep! Mary was able to have Rhett seen at our pediatrician to discover that his ear infections have become worse, going into our third week and two antibiotics have failed! On top of all the confusion and things going on in his little world he can not defeat ear infections. The bright side for us, not for him, is he received a shot today to hopefully build him up and clear this out. Needless to say my wife had a long day of holding our crying baby.

So here we are, the end of the longest day either of us have had in some time, exhausted watching the boys play with each other - of course fighting their sleep. The good thing we have been blessed with recently is constant events, things you could say, that have kept our minds busy; work has been the most entertaining in months, Noah has transitioned to doing lessons at home (I believe he is able to read and identify all letters except his G and the number 7), our niece Emma was born Tuesday, Mary has begun a relationship with the gym again and a friend recently reopened his business(which allowed my wife and I an evening out of the house).

We are no closer to discovering the whats and whys of Rhett but we are thankful for his happiness, as it's very easy to see he is happy and is loved. His brothers are both adapting to our changes, hopefully one day they will all have a routine that is easily followed by all. We as a family have much to celebrate and as things change in our lives we will continue to share.

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