Sunday, February 28, 2016

Don't Buy White Furniture!

The best advice given to us that we've never followed and continue to resist, "don't buy white furniture." And by white furniture I assume everyone includes area rugs in this category. It seems the older our boys become, the more we think we are out of the phase of where this statement doesn't apply to us anymore. So as I sit here dressing Levi from his bath, I look at our beautiful white area rug that covers the wood floors of the bedroom and see the largest brown stain from this child removing his diaper early one morning on my watch as I attempted to catch a few extra zzz's.. Word to all of you new parents, take the advice - "Don't buy white furniture (or area rugs)."

I believe the last we left off on our journey, we were waiting a date for Rhett's MRI procedure.. That happened, two Friday's ago. In a series of the longest two days we traveled an hour each way both Thursday and Friday of that week to meet with the doctors, anesthesiologists and hospital staff. MRI's for babies and toddlers are difficult procedures, the child must be sedated then put to sleep and then the MRI can begin.. In total, Rhett had 4 MRI's. The experience was as wonderful as the experience could be, the staff was wonderful and treated us as family - something we desperately needed. The weekend happened and this past Tuesday we received a call from the Neurologist with the results...

Rhett has some abnormalities with the white matter in his brain. It was a very lengthy conversation, much of which neither of us have understood and we have refrained from Dr Google due to the worst possible scenario being the first thing we have read. The light in all of this, Rhett's Neurologist is on staff at UMC in Jackson, MS with access to a team of colleagues with much experience in Pediatrics. We should receive a call on Monday (leap day) with a plan of action, what comes next, and what we should do to make life work better for all of us. We had an emotional moment today, thankfully we were prayed over by new friends at a church we began attending recently - and while I don't push religion on anyone, I am very thankful that we were exactly where God wanted us to be today.. And I hope that everyone who has prayed for our family will continue to do so.

The following day we visited our Pediatrician for Rhett's regularly scheduled check in and his past due 6 month shots (no we intentionally didn't miss them, he just wasn't in the best of health to receive them until now). This trip included the news that Rhett is being referred to a ENT for tubes in both ears. We make the journey to see him tomorrow as well.

The best news of all with Rhett, he has begun sitting for periods at a time without support! While we can not walk away from him yet, it is the progress we have been needing to see to stay motivated. He also broke his first tooth today! And last night, he sat in a regular restaurant high chair unsupported! Much to be excited about. Physical therapy is definitely working with Rhett, he isn't thrilled during the actual therapy but is relatively happy with himself and his new abilities.

Today has continued to be a learning day with Noah. The more we believe he will learn that rules are rules, the more he continues to defy them. For him to be 5 years old this week coming, he sure acts about 30 with his smart mouth. None the less, he does have many moments of love and affection that aren't making up for his disrespect, but they come close to washing it all out. Any advice from parents of young boys (or girls) on how to out of the box discipline would be much appreciated. He did enjoy a fun day with his cousins today. He must be super tired, he didn't put up a fight when we put him to sleep tonight. Goodness he is growing fast. We are planning a trip to the Zoo in New Orleans for his birthday Wednesday, it's all he has talked about for as long as I can remember!

Levi also had his shots this week! And he continues to sleep in our bed at night. Much to my delight but not my wife's. HA HA. It seems every night one of the kids sneak into my bed, and I can handle it.. Cause Daddy's only have their boys for a little while, then you become "Dad's". Levi has also been testing the waters and boundaries. Thankfully its normally with food or toys.. He hasn't gotten too out of control in other aspects of his life.

I will finally say goodnight to everyone who is reading this blog. I honestly have had many of you reach out to me for updates and you have asked me to continue writing. I felt discouraged with putting hands to keyboard but I do want to make a record of where we stand each week and hope this will provide us the ability to look back on life in years to come when we have overcome all of our trials. (I will also say, Levi and his Mommy are behind me.. She is reading a children's book word for word and he is repeating each word after her, very sweet moment for them that I'm witnessing.)

I also hope each of you enjoy the photo's, as I've finally learned to insert them! :)


  1. Love Yall!!! So glad you are writing this Jacob. I will continue to pray for you all and strength for you both and knowledge for the Doctors!!! LeAnn Coker

  2. Keeping you all in my prayers are so strong Jacob and you make me so proud of the man, husband and daddy you have become...and Mary, you are such an awesome Mom and super strong too but, that's just how mommy's are...I know from experience. Love you all very much!!

    1. We love you too. Thank you for reaching out to Mary this week!