Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The devil is out to get each of you..

I write tonight from my couch with a sick baby in the arm opposite of the eye I can't see out of. I've spent most of today trying to recall small details of the events that have taken place over the last week.. I'm not much of a memory man, I have a fear of developing Alzheimer's early in life and forgetting my wife, children and friends names. So remembering small details takes me much longer than the average Joe, but God I need you to shake my memory!

I remember hearing stories over the last 20 years about how Jesus was surrounded by his closest friends and betrayed by someone he had so much love for. I can't help but to weep for Christ. I say all this to say, I don't know that you could really ever trust anyone. Or maybe it's that I've allowed too many people to let me down that I thought were standing in my corner. Just don't ever get comfortable thinking that a person, a group of people, an organization, or company will be for you what you are for them.. after all, we all live in sin and seek the pleasures of this world. The devil is out to get each of you.

For the sake of not wanting people to think I'm preaching, I just want to say - please know who you really are. So much of my life revolves around my wife, children, doctors visits and my job, and that is ok. That is normal. But take time to find yourself. A lesson I learned recently, "Don't worry about what could happen, wait to see what will happen before inducing stress on yourself." Although I don't agree with the whole idea of not having an action plan, I do believe there's a reason I learned this lesson and Lord let me share this message with others!

I haven't written in some time, Mary and I recently began a video blog (VLOG) on YouTube with new videos released on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturday's. With our new commitment to YouTube as a partner there will be more information shared there often before it is shared here. Hopefully this new adventure will allow us many more opportunities to venture out beyond our current comfort level. I have committed through a promise to my Son Noah that I will finally write a series of children's books based on how imaginative he was as a toddler - this has been a goal of mine since he was young and I've allowed too much time to pass, it's time to focus on what will leave a positive, lasting impression on the community my children will grow up in.

I love you all, thank you for reading. Please share with others and comment your thoughts, I enjoy responding to everyone and your feedback.

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