Monday, September 26, 2016

an open letter to Levi Jackson

My Dearest Levi,

You are by far the most adventurous of my children. And by now I shouldn't be surprised by any of your actions. But I am..

I wake up at night sometimes and my first instinct is to make sure you're still sleeping. I don't know why I worry about you waking like I do, but there you are snoring.. Loudly. And after checking in on you I make my way across the house to your brother Noah's room then end in brother Rhett's room. But Always, I always start with you. And its because out of all of my children you have always been the bravest. The most willing to wander off. Sometimes I dream of finding you swinging on the play set in the dark, other days I dream of finding you and your dogs sleeping on the porch.. I have no knowledge why I worry like I do.

You are the middle child. And as such, you play the part well. The thing about Levi, you have a way with people. Not just Mommy and Daddy. But with everyone. Everyone loves them some Levi. Mommy says "your sour, then you're sweet." You're the kind of boy to punch someone in the chest then kiss the hurt away. That seems to be your way.

Of course I wouldn't change you for the world. You're perfect in your own way. After all, you're the only child we have that knows how to work an electric razor. You're also the only child we have that is interested in doing chores for fun, the only boy who enjoys watching Mommy paint without yourself attempting to join in. You're just you.

You're growing too fast. Right in the middle. Some days you crawl around with Rhett like a baby and other days you're trying to chase Noah onto the school bus like a grown boy. What an awesome place to be, fitting into the puzzle as the perfect piece.

I love you son. Always be sweet and kind. And slow down. You're growing up too fast. Heck, you already are memorizing song lyrics. Just like Daddy.

Love you more, Daddy.

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